Monday, 4 November 2013

Website - La Balise

Just for completeness it is worth mentioning this website that is noted by Eric on page 108 of S.

At the moment if you go to the site all you see is some analogue static and a message "No Server Signal Found"

Whether we will find a server signal at some point is unclear, but it is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

An English translation of La Balise is "The Beacon"

Thanks to stageboy for mentioning the site in the comments of the websites reference page.


  1. Last night I Googled "where is la balise" and came across this interesting, potentially relevant, Wiki entry: "La Balize, Louisiana, was the first French fort and settlement near the mouth of the Mississippi River in what became Plaquemines Parish. The village's name (also spelled La Balise) meant 'seamark'." "Seamark" ties in really well with SOT . . .

  2. For what it's worth, the website appears to be run via a French marketing and web design company.

  3. Just adding link to Twinup

    Some UK public relations events happening this month, wondering if Paris next? We'll have to keep checking back to La Balise to see if it finds a signal.

    Maybe ? "O, P____! City of defenestrations! City of ten thousand free falls!" Book of Theseus, Interlude page 321 Agents #9 and #41

    1. No, that'd be Prague, not Paris:

      Which makes sense since Eric and Jen eventually end up in Prague.

    2. Thanks for clearing that up! I see the reference now: "neni sac". I think I dreamed a completely different ending for Jen and Eric. I'll try to remain awake now... ;-P

    3. We had discussed Twinup / Synology in the replies to stageboy's original comment. Maybe that should all be brought forward here?

      Source Code / Twinup / GIF / WHOIS / site owner

    4. Just free associating here, the fact that this is a "beacon", could that have anything to do with a radio tower (p322) and the frequency that comes up with the website (6483 kHz?) Does anyone have a ham radio to check that frequency?

  4. I took a look at page source of the Twinup version of the Balise site... anyone tech savvy see anything? view-source:

    1. I'm fairly sure it is much the same, I think we have to add a word or code to the end of the URL La Balise site and we might get a found signal, but I can't work out what that code might be.


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